Marine Panel

Marine Panel examples

Some examples of sound reducing marine panels

Marine panels come in all sizes and shapes.  For every application you can find a panel that is suitable to your needs.

Basicly you can have a marine panel with three different attributes:

1. For fire protection. They are basicly made of non combustible materials. There are several materials that can be used for this purpose. 

2. For sound reduction. By glueing structural- and sound reducing materials together, it is possible to produce sound and vibration reducing panels which can be used for walls, ceilings and floors.

3. To reduce weight.  For special purposes it is possible to reduce the weight considerably.

Marine panel combination

It is well possible to combine all of the above features into one panel.

Marine Panel Drumafloor light

Marine Panel Drumafloor light. Lightweight floor panel.

To decorate a wide variety of high pressure laminate (HPL) can be applied to each panel.

There is allways a HPL decor available that will fit your need to make your panel look nice too.

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